What sports can do beyond sports

Just to inform all...what sports can do beyond sports.

By introducing of such healthy competitive sports in the Salwan Girls School and the Salwan Boys School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi, the CBSE Board results went upto 100 % with a number of students getting distinction.

The attendance shot upto 97% on any given day. The students strength rose to 2200. No Drop-outs. Students were weaned away from thuggery, crime and drugs, leading to a safe neighbourhood.

Both the schools got a new building with the sate of art computer / science lab.

The student's strength rose to 1100 in each of the schools.

Science subject was re-introduced and a number of students from the economically weak background went on to become Doctors and Engineers. Students excelled at the National/International level in Academics/ Sports and co-curricular activities and participated at Republic Day Parade. Three students are representing India XI in International Cricket.

The Salwan Girls School and the Salwan Boys School bagged the best school award from the Govt. of NCT of Delhi during the year 2005-2006.

Computers were distributed to visually impaired children and computer labs were set up for the visually impaired children and for the children of the Indian Army Jawanscin Delhi, Kolkatta and Ahmedabad.

3 teachers bagged the Delhi State Award for outstanding performance.

The rush for admissions multiplied 100 times.

A sports teacher was made the principal....first time in history of aided schools in Delhi. 7 more physical instructors were subsequently promoted as principals in Aided/Govt. schools which is now seeing a tilt towards a more comprehensive sports curriculum being introduced in schools across India.

We united the students of India and Pakistan...broke decades of barriers of animosity at the height of tension (Kargil War) between the two countries.

Inspired and motivated the visually impaired and intellectually challenged children to take up running.

Beyond Borders : Students from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Egypt, Switzerland and U.K took part in sports & cultural activities.

An International sports curriculum has been introduced for Salwan schools in collaboration with UK sports.

The Salwan Marathon is now synonymous with sports for children and is viewed by over 1 Crore people from all over India and Abroad.