Salwan Marathon

Running through the pricturesque countryside's long winding trails, past the covers of Babool and Kikar, across the rivulets...with a family of hares springing out of the bushy shrubs or the peacocks in full glory,dancing or even the horses that stand idle in the stables after a game of Polo...the students run close to nature in the greatest experience "TIME" can offer.


To show the world what sports can do beyond sports.


To inculcate the spirit of sports amongst the youth.

What's it all for ?

It's all about the spirit of running...the joy of oneness...inner satisfaction...guts...stamina and courage to go that extra mile in search for bring laurels to your tell the greatest teacher "TIME" that you gave your best what life could offer.

Weather Conditions

The weather is expected to be slightly chilly in the morning as students start trudging in ( 16℃) and gets pleasant by the time the first race starts at 9am (22℃).
Ambience A++
Quality Of Air A++
Surface Conditions A

Training Advice

Congratulation to all the students selected to represent their school at the race. Don't panic if you have not started training yet as there is ample time for the race. Some of you will be undergoing rigorous training while some will be looking forward to enjoy the event in a light hearted manner. It is impossible to set training schedules which suits everybody. So the best advice is to contact your school Physical Instructor and maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Sleep well the night before the run and eat light cereals/oranges 2 to 3 hours before the run in the morning.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a major incident/emergency, all key marathon officials have been briefed with an emergency plan. It's important for all to remain calm and follow instructions of the officials all the time. Officials from the police and trained volunteers will seal the route/venue for the safety/security of the children. Please help us to make this system work.


All participants / volunteers / officials are insured for injury upto Rs.50,000/- ( T&C apply).

School Bus Parking

Please ensure that the school buses have their passes on display in the front/rear of the bus. Buses will be parked 800 m away from the venue.Schools are advised that physical instructors/teachers should accompany the children.

The passes can be collected from :

Mr.Anil Toor, Salwan Boys School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi, (M) 98102-64131


1. Bare foot running is not allowed under the AFI rules.
2. Children must carry I-Card as proof for age.
3. Adequate security/medical arrangements have been made. However, the organizers are not responsible for any injury / mishap before / during the event.
4. Limited Lodging / Boarding arrangements are available on first come first serve basis.
5. Students/Participants are bound to abide by the rules/regulations of the organizers.
6. Decision of the judges is final, binding and non-contestable.
7. Doping and age verification test will be carried out randomly on all top 20 position in each category.
8. Cut-off date for verification of age is 1st November 2017.
9. Registration opens from 1st July 2017. Last date for online registration is 31st October 2017.
10. No Chip - No Prize: Boys u-18 categories are eligible for prize only if they run with chip(available at venue).