Message from Organizers



I have had a long & eventful life. But the one thing I learnt is to believe in self & pursue a dream.

I love running & more running till my lungs go dry & my heart says "Baba, bus karr, baaki energy sey kuch kaam bhi karr ley". .
On a cold wintry early foggy morning,
& in winter rain it is ecstatic,
Just the rain, me & the sound of silence being pierced by two lonely feet,
finding their way forward,
One foot after the other,
as if a no tomorrow.

Like a vast range of Human emotions that we live with,
Running is the same with me.
Many emotions.
Many words & nuances as if trying to find my 'inner self'.
Nearer a forest
Or a river shore,
sometimes the waves are choppy,
and the boat needs to be steadied.
But once in the vast open, It can be tranquil & soothing.

It is this Dynamism that I value.
And to find an even steady path through all of it.

Education in India, needs this. . .the kids need to have a strong body for a strong mind to reside in.
The stability, but also the rocking of the boat.
The calm introspective stretches, but also the storm that will buffet it.

And in all, we need to believe in self & pursue a dream-
a dream that physical education becomes the core subject in school education..
For then only their minds will be under control.

We have set out on this course. It is a valuable course, but not one that is not fraught with spills.
It needs steady hands to hold it on course.

The path is difficult , but not impossible,
but it needs to stay firm on course & weather the elements.

We need you to inspire children through life inspirational power of running to tell the greatest teacher TIME that we gave our best what LIFE could offer. 
 They own this journey and we must rise to this occasion else history will not be kind to us. It is a Legacy we leave behind.

Come, join me at 7am on the 5th of November 2017, Brar square, Delhi Cantt., to ignite their spirits...I will be there to salute their indomitable spirit.

Inder Dutt (Architect)


Dear Principal,

We are guilty of many errors
and many faults,
But our worst crime is
abandoning the children,
neglecting their foundation of life,
many things we need can wait,
Right now is the time his bones
are being formed,
His blood is being made,
his senses are being developed to him,
We cannot answer,
Come, Join us in this journey to inspire
children through the inspirational power of running
and salute their indomitable spirit.

Inder Dutt (Architect)


Dear Principal,


Reflect on the conspiracy of love for sports in your journey :
A conspiracy that challenges all of us
To engage in making our youth strong ennobling...
We planted an IDEA & over 4 lakh children ran.
Today's challenge is tough-
We can no longer take for granted
the next Generation will take to sports !!!
Some lack facilities,
Some good coaching and role model teachers.
In this age of 24 hrs. of entertainment,
Some lack the desire to "Sweat it out".
Today's children live in a world of conflicting messages of distraction‑
Their landscape is cluttered...
Their path to sports is obscure...
But it is a world we must understand
And we must respond to.
My children's hero's change by the month.
In the past,
You have made a bold decision to join us in an exciting direction.
Your Decision is critical today.
It's about a 'Vision'
And a sporting legacy we will leave behind.
It's a decision which teaches children educational values through sports...
We are determined that the Salwan Marathon fills the gap,
... to inspire children through the inspirational
Power of running.
This way of life is beautiful...
We want these children to be happy.
Stand up and tell the world that ' WE ' own this journey...
And that
every passion has its destiny‑
And that
our children will run to be fierce.
Join me to salute their indomitable spirit.

Inder Dutt (Architect)


Dear Students

Every passion has its destiny... i run to be fierce... To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift of God. Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Running is where i get mine. The will to win means nothing to me than the will to prepare. Top results are reached only through pain. But eventually youu will like this pain. More the difficulties you face, more you enjoy the success. And success isn't measured by what you got, but the distance you travelled from where you started.

I believe I may have to be born again... You see, my work is unfinished till everyone start running.

Run , first thing in the morning. If not, then run in your sleep, but run you must. Come,be a part of this legacy that we leave behind.

Inder Dutt (Architect)


Dear Friends,

It's that time of the year when we join hands and focus on the 'big issue'... that it is possible to change society through our 'Karma'... We have a duty beyond "Time" and that we have to love children first for them to touch us.. and create 'leaders' out of them... We are determined to reach out to the students from all over India through the inspirational power of running, so that they are inspired by running... We want to live by their happiness and that is all that matters to us... This way life can be beautiful...

I say 'energize' your team and tell them what you stand for and what makes 'us' so special... We all'own' this journey of change to move the Human family to a better place. It's a legacy that we will leave behind. Mark the date... I will be there to 'salute' you and your indomitable spirit.

Inder Dutt (Architect)


Dear Students

To make an Abhinav bindra, it takes 8 Olympic finalist
To make an Olympic finalist, it takes 8 Olympians.
To Make an Olympic champion, it takes 200 national champions.
To make a national champion, it takes 1000's of athletes
To make an athlete, it takes millions of children around the country to inspire
It takes 1 Salwan marathon 40000 children to get inspired by running and choose sports

The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well... In the past Salwan & Sports came together to bring athletics to the city of Delhi- we re-united the city of Delhi through running & sports. Today's challenge is tough - its more complex- we can no longer take it for granted that young people will take to sports - some may lack facilities or the coaches or role model teachers - others in the age of 24hrs. of entertainment and instant fame simply lack the desire to " sweat" it out.

We are determined that the Salwan Marathon fills the gap...our vision is to reach out to students...all over connect them with th Inspirational power of running so that they are inspired by running.

Today's children live in a world of conflicting messages of distraction - their landscape is cluttered - their path to sports is obscure - but its a world we must understand and we must respond to. My hereos were Dara Singh and Milkha Singh's - G.S.Randhawa and Ajit pal Singh ( the hockey captain). My children's hereos change by the month.

The Salwan Marathon offers you the opportunity to be a 'Team Leader' - to explore your mind and that of the children to the ultimate.
In the past you all have made a bold decision to join us in an exciting direction - your decision today is critical - it is about a "vision" and sporting legacy that we will leave behind - it is a decision which will teach the child Educational Values through sports...fair of effort...persuit of excellence and humility... Respect for other and a balance between the Body, Mind and Will. I wish you all good health.

Inder Dutt (Architect)